Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Paramount Custom Duty Of Care At Turtle Island Resources Stewardship
Cease Pipeline Constructions In Absence Of Jurisdiction
Petition To Exercise Two Row Veto Right At United Nations Headquarters; Consequence Being Eviction
 It is evident by past and continued Crown Canada practices that there is no respect for the rightful customs and traditions of the original and modern era indigenous or aboriginal Peoples of these lands north of the 49th parallel.

To date the submitted UN Charter Chapter VII and credentials complaints [2013 & 2014] to the attention of the United Nations Secretary General; General Assembly; and, the UN Security Council have not been accredited as being within jurisdiction. This quandary is similar to the obstructionism that confronted Chief Deskaheh in 1923, when he appeared - as the authorized emissary on behalf of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy - at the Switzerland League of Nations to protest the historical and continued disrespect of the Great Britain / United Kingdom and Crown Canada ["Canada" was still a colony, but, achieved voting status at the League] when they refused Chief Deskaheh speaking rights; while, the majority of the other League members supported the Haudenosaunee submission application.

It is apparent by historical and contemporary public records that Crown Canada does not intend to respect the established and continued lawful jurisdiction by international standards of original indigenous or aboriginal Peoples of Turtle Island North of the 49th parallel / Canada. In particular, "Canada" trespasses in the non-treatied Rocky Mountain Cree Nation / Kelly Lake Cree Nation territories through the Canada National Energies Board declaration of right to manage regulatory authority in matters of natural resources that are clearly within the continued, non-diminished, non-acquiesced, non-conquered, non-abandoned territories by alleging the right to permit the construction and operation of natural resource energies pipelines of parties such as [but, not limited to] projects commonly named as being The Kinder-Morgan, Northern Gateway; and, or, Keystone XL projects.

Mr. Harper / Crown Canada is trespassing in advocating this specious claim to possess right in law in these Rocky Mountain Cree Nations / Kelly Lake Cree Nation lands.

Likewise, in your territory named British Columbia, your courts have claimed jurisdiction in absence of treaties to adjudicate in public protests regarding pipeline surveys and testing. Such a continued assertion with military / paramilitary enforcement appears to constitute your duty of care to protect the Crown regarding both United Kingdom law; and, Canada's UN Charter obligations regarding Chapter VII contraventions. These matters are currently (since 2005; including 2013 & 2014 submissions re : Credentials Committee and violations sanctions for unjust enrichment by contraventions of human rights laws; including, but, not limited to crimes against humanity).

In Summary : re : Haudenosaunee Confederacy Jurisdiction under the Two Row Wampum Covenant Chain jurisdictions : specifically, VETO to withdraw blessing upon the United Nations; namely, that withdrawal by Veto effectively establishes a demand of eviction upon the UN for failing to respect the Two Row Wampum [the vessel shall be withdrawn from the Haudenosaunee territories, forthwith].

It is imperative that the United Nations continue to respect customs and traditions as a precursor to advocating universal law. Where this UN fails to complete it duty of care in these matters of the challenge to Canada's nationhood credentials as an entitlement to UN membership; and, the jurisdiction of the UN Crimes Against Humanity citations upon Canada [continued imprisonment of indigenous Peoples contrary to international law; constituting circa 6o-70% of prison men and women populations]. 

Huy'Ch'Qu' / Thank You / Merci / Miiqwich
Emissary on behalf of Hereditary Chiefs within territories west : GTIF Gatekeeper West 1.778.433.3908